[TowerTalk] QST On DRUGS....Some facts

Fractenna at aol.com Fractenna at aol.com
Mon Aug 28 14:18:58 EDT 2006

Ward, N0AX said:
>Unfortunately, the antenna's effectiveness is  also
>reduced.  Some fractal generators do produce modest area  reductions with a
>tolerable reduction in performance, but not in this  rather extreme case.

Just a quick point before someone takes the wrong interpretation of the  
actual facts.
 Of course, in this area (in square  wavelengths) all antennas  work poorly 
with practical bandwidth. The experimenter was ill advised to use a  good tool 
(fractal geometry) in the wrong way; I can think of no expert  allusion that 
guided him in that direction. Also, Ward, some fractal generators  do produce 
substantial area reductions with tolerable reduction in performance.  Info is 
not publicly available to my knowledge:The technology is well-past the  
'experimenter stage'. Hence the absence of info for hams and those who  gather info 
over the internet. I cannot recommend any good net-based sources.  Sorry.
Thanks to K1QX for pointing this post out to me.
Chip W1YW

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