[TowerTalk] Rohn tower bolts

Ken Shutt kgshutt at cox.net
Mon Aug 28 19:50:35 EDT 2006

Again, I concur.

Ken - W5KQ

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>> > What's the deal with putting the bolts in the way Rohn specifies?
> N1RJ wrote:
>> The reason is that it's much easier to spot a missing nut if
>> it's on the outside. A bolt that is inserted from the bottom
>> and missing it's nut will fall out and the resulting hole
>> will be obvious to anyone climbing the tower.
> Aha! That phrasing rings a bell. I knew I'd seen something about this in
> writing somewhere. Check out page 33 of the 3rd edition of "Tower Climbing
> Safety and Rescue", available from ARRL. It talks about checking tower 
> bolts
> before climbing, and says pretty-much what Roger said. However, the 
> comments
> specifically refer to angle steel towers with members that are bolted
> together. The text says hollow rod or round construction presents a
> different set of unique inspection issues (like checking weep holes to 
> make
> sure they're open and not leaking a lot of rust.)
> I'm not so sure missing nuts would be more obvious inside or outside a 
> Rohn
> 25/45/55 tower. I climbed a friend's 100' Rohn 45 tower yesterday and I 
> have
> a clear mental image of the nuts on the inside of the tower, yet I can't
> picture the bolt heads on the outside of the tower. When you climb a tower
> like this, you can see all three inside faces, but one outside face is 
> away
> from you. Perhaps on this type of tower it's better to insert the bolts
> outside-in, like it seems just about everyone on this reflector has done.
> Consensus?
> 73, Dick WC1M
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