[TowerTalk] Best Wire for Radial Field

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Whatever size and type of wire you can scrounge will work fine. The only
consideration for wire size is the traffic that will enter the radial field.
Stranded or solid will both work well. Enameled wire is great, except having
to scrape the coating off of many, many wires to make your connections (Hi).
Good Luck.

Bill WR8K

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I am getting ready to put out a radial field for my 80M shunt-fed  
tower antenna.  I have not read anywhere what is the best type of  
wire or gauge for this project. I have a large spool of 18 ga.  
enameled wire at my disposal - but would stranded wire be best?  The  
"invisible-fence" wire at Home Depot is pretty cheap - looks like 7- 
strand 18 ga.

I would appreciate the collective advice.

Brian, K1NW

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