[TowerTalk] concrete curing

david ashpole nb7v at msn.com
Tue Aug 29 15:57:20 EDT 2006

Hi all,
concrete cures to about 50% of strength in 7 days and to about 98%of 
strength in 28 days.
variables are type of mix, heat, cold- (I have poured concrete in 20 below 0 
weather very expensive for the owner of the project)
DONOT WELD REBAR-- Use tie wire only available cheaply at any lumber yard
About the only place you will not find rust on rebar is on a bridge where 
epoxy coated rebar is required.
Cheap coating for the forms: used Motor oil
Remember the forces on your concrete base are different when using a fold 
over freestanding tower verses a guyed tower follow manufactures 
This is not a house foundation,the distance to fall is much greater!
Let your concrete cure before you put the tower up--YOU WILL ONLY KNOW on 
the way down that you didn't let it cure long enough- don't let this happen 
to you!

General Contractor- Commercial Construction 26 years

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