[TowerTalk] Rohn tower bolts

Tue Aug 29 23:26:06 EDT 2006

My tower guy came down off my Rohn 25 tower after doing some routine
maintenance a couple of weeks ago. He said that I was missing three bolts
out of the tower legs. I asked if he figured that they just vibrated out and
he said that it looked like they had disintegrated from rust. I guess that
Rohn didn't put all "good bolts" in the tower sections.

Anyway, I got the new bolts from Hill Radio for $1.60 (They come in sets 3
big ones and 3 small ones.) Guess checking that kind of thing is a good idea
with hurricane season upon us. He also made me cut those old mesquite trees
away from the guys.

Bill, W5VX

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>I concur ... having my belt snag on "outies" has always made me grouchy ...
>I prefer "innies" ...
>and, I must add, have never had a nut come loose that I can remember..
>but, I have seen many that were way "over-squished" ...  tight is good,
>the leg, but over-do is no-no ..
>I have run the coax both ways .. in the tower and out... and, through the
>years, decided OUT was much more convenient, and makes the feed easier to
>replace, re-vamp, etc......     73
>Mark Nelson  -  AA6DX
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>> Also - you are unlikely to put your wrench inside the tower to tighten
>> bolt.  You want to turn the nut when tightening - turning the bolt will
>> ream
>> the galvanizing from the hole.
>That's why I use a ratchet and deep well socket.  I find the bolts sticking
>out on a ROHN 45G to be hazardous, so all of mine have the nuts on the
>As my tower is climbed often and the torque checked about once a year I
>little concern about a nut coming off.  The only short coming I find is if
>want to bring the coax cables and control cables down the inside of a leg.
>Then it takes some precautions going around the bolts.
>Roger Halstead (K8RI and ARRL 40 year Life Member)
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