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Best ad EVER for a tower!  And .. in case you were not paying attention .. 
the LAST 3 WORDS are so prophetic!  HIhiHIhi ..
Mark Nelson  -  AA6DX

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Free for the taking:

One slightly rust-perforated Rhon 25G (or equivalent) tower with functional 
Hoot Owl on top for bird protection, reverse-mounted bolts all the way up.

Includes vertical antenna fed with internally mounted homebrew open wire 
feeder, and prop pitch rotator, but rotator is missing cover and currently 
not turning. (Vertical is stuck pointing due North, as verified last spring 
by Noah, Punxatawney & Phillips, LLP, licensed surveyors.)

Also included is a 220’ run of "Hurricane" brand Category 5 control wire, 
taped to tower leg all the way up, as well as a brand new never installed 
"Waffle" brand Cone of Protection lightening arrestor kit with 300' of #24 
stranded wire for easy grounding to any convenient cold water pipe in your 

Note: one or two Z-braces on top section are slightly but visibly bent due 
to improper guide bracket attachment.

Price: Free, but buyer must take down.

Note also: Due to use of 10’ base section and quick-dry concrete mix 
reinforced with welded rebar, tower is approx. 1 degree out of plumb, but 
still very peachy. (Tower lean is in the direction away from the nearby 
138kV lines.)

Home sale pending, must remove tower by April 1. Tower is currently located 
in Key West, Florida (subject to change.)

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