[TowerTalk] Sinking ground rods

Ian White GM3SEK gm3sek at ifwtech.co.uk
Wed Aug 30 02:29:41 EDT 2006

AA6DX - Mark wrote:
>Harbor Freight (sigh .. again) has their 1" SDS Rotary Hammer Kit on 
>sale for $59.99  -- extra bit set is $9.99, buy one .. hard to find SDS 
>bits .. cut off a bit to make a blunt end, put a deep well socket over 
>the shaft, and bang away .. better yet, sacrifice a china cheapo socket 
>and weld it in place.

Even betterer, track down an SDS to square-drive adapter, and have a 
choice of socket sizes.

Sorry to hear that SDS tools are still hard to find in the USA. The SDS 
hammer drill system is truly wonderful - it goes through concrete like 
cheese. Try one, you'll buy one.

73 from Ian GM3SEK         'In Practice' columnist for RadCom (RSGB)

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