[TowerTalk] Driving ground rods

Mike Bragassa bragassa at consolidated.net
Wed Aug 30 10:14:24 EDT 2006

Allen: If your soil is relatively soft; like ours is here, (sandy-loam; no 
hard-packed clay) I use a fence post driver from Tractor Supply. It is a 3" 
pipe sealed at the top end, and maybe 18--24"long with two grab-handles on 
the sides. About $20.00. I stand on a step ladder to start and drive the rod 
in very easily.
Don't attempt to drive them in with a sledge hammer. You will 'miss' most of 
the time and hurt yourself as it will be a moving target, even if someone is 
holding it steady. In a bind this will work...one time,  and then that 
person won't volunteer...again. (Ask my wife.)
I'll let others respond about driving into hardpan..But, I would not be 
concerned at all about the physical contact of the rod to soil. In a very 
time, any gaps are filled..

Mike, K5UO

From: "Allen R. Brier" <britech at earthlink.net>
To: "'Tower Talk Reflector'" <towertalk at contesting.com>
Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2006 10:32 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] Sinking ground rods

What is the best/easiest method to sink ground rods? I know the trick of
using water to fill the hole several times to make it easy, but I have also
heard that the ground contact is not as good using this method vs. pounding
the rod in the hard way, in dry ground. Which is best?

Allen Ross Brier, N5XZ

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