[TowerTalk] C31 - 1 feed line or 3

N2TK, Tony tony.kaz at verizon.net
Thu Aug 31 10:31:16 EDT 2006

Mine resonates at

28.64 - 1.1:1
21.22 - 1.25:1
14.1 - 1.2:1

Single feed.

N2TK, Tony

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I just ordered an F12 C31XR.  I have been told by experienced users
that the beam can be a pain to tune properly on 15 (high swr).

I ordered the beam with single feed.  Since then I have heard that
the problem is less severe with the 3 feedline model.

All inputs from experienced users will be welcomed.

Thanks and 73,

Ron KK9K


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