[TowerTalk] Keeping antenna for rotating on mast

Al Williams alwilliams at olywa.net
Thu Aug 31 11:19:00 EDT 2006

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Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 1:32 PM
>> My antenna periodically rotates on the mast because of wind and storms. I
>> have tightened everything as much as I know how. This throws off my
>> direction indicator.
> Usually those things slip for a reason which prevents you from having to
> purchase a new rotator. OTOH sometimes they slip just due to a poor mast
> clamp.

True or Not True?

I suspect that the rotator clamps sometimes slip because of a poor design 
however I doubt that any clamp on the market slips in order to prevent 
breaking the rotator!

NO ONE RESPONDED TO MY EARLIER POSTING on how does one determine torque that 
is applied to the rotator by the wind and/or inertia from the moving large 
antenna.  Also one manufacturer admitted that their wind load specification 
was just made up (to be a little larger than the competition).

Also, is the starting torque an accurate specification?  Has either the 
start or braking torque been measured--to the limit i.e. where the gearing 
breaks apart?

Is there a destructive fatigue of the clamp by repeated hammering caused by 
the inertia?

Would a metal spring coil or other flexible tubing inserted in series with 
the mast be beneficial?


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