[TowerTalk] Cushcraft A-3 Center Insulator

w7psk at w7psk.net w7psk at w7psk.net
Thu Aug 31 12:37:43 EDT 2006

Wondering if you all would know a good replacement.  Ive had my A-3 25 years now and its in sad need of refurb.  Ive had it down for about 4 months now when I had the siding on my house replaced and the wife didnt want bolts in the new siding for my home brew tower.  So While Im looking for the Glen Martin I figured it was time to refurb the A3.  

Ill be buying new SS parts and replacing those parts.  Traps are going to be fun, but I might just make it if I keep the elements together as they are now.  Ill etch mark them :D

But my Center Insulator is looking ragged.  

the manual only says 10", it doesnt say diameter.   

Anyone know the diameter and what would be a good replacement without ordering and sending an arm, leg and 1st born to cushcraft (And Im hoping no end caps are bad).

Scotty W7PSK.

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