[TowerTalk] 10 inch tube 100ft wind load? NN7J

Dan Zimmerman N3OX n3ox at n3ox.net
Thu Aug 31 14:27:26 EDT 2006

>   I put your numbers into the calculator, just out of my own curiosity...
>   It told me this:
>   Survival velocity = 38.9 mph
>   Failure velocity = 55.1 mph
>   Mast Weight = 1,415.29 lbs

In other words, it's not safe to put this tube up unguyed.  The Array
Solutions Big Berthas seem to have a pretty substantial stepped taper
to them and appear to be a couple feet in diameter at the bottom for
the 150 foot class.  Do you actually have this piece of pipe?  It
might work well as two 50 foot antenna supports instead.


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