[TowerTalk] Grounding of Amateur Radio installations

Gary Schafer garyschafer at comcast.net
Fri Dec 8 15:07:40 EST 2006

Without actually seeing the installation I would recommend that you do a
similar thing as I have described to Don below.

It is not good to depend on a Ufer ground system as the primary ground
system for lightning. As I picture what you described I would also not be
comfortable with using the I beams running through the house as the primary
connection point for lightning.

Gary  K4FMX

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> I have a similar situation, except my modular sits on a Ufer cage basement
> (Concrete Encased Ground System, and then I have 18" wide steel I-beams
> overhead. The service grounds, etc. are all tied to the Ufer and an
> outside
> ground rod at the south end of the house, while my shack is at the north
> end
> (40' away). My sub-soil is cobble stone and river rock with sand, and near
> the house (3' out our so) seems to be damp most of the year. Can I make
> the
> I-beam directly over the operating position the ground plate for the
> shack?
> Other ideas?
> K7MEI, Brent
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> >Don,
> >
> >The easiest thing for you to do would be to install your panel as you
> >propose where the cables enter the house and put the protectors on the
> >panel
> >for all the RF and rotor cables etc.
> >
> >Having the power run underground a long way like you have will help a lot
> >in
> >reducing anything coming in on the power line as most of the energy will
> be
> >coupled to ground by the long run. However the best way to protect
> against
> >anything that still makes it thru is to run a power cable from your
> service
> >entrance panel or from a convenient outlet in the shack over to your
> single
> >point ground panel. Install your AC protectors for that line on the same
> >panel as your coax protectors are mounted on.
> >Take ALL of your power for everything in the shack from a power line run
> >from the single point ground panel ONLY.
> >
> >If you have any cable TV lines, phone lines etc. coming into the shack
> also
> >run them first to the single point ground panel and place a protector on
> >them. Now you have everything in the shack referenced to the cable
> entrance
> >panel.  That is what a single point ground is!!
> >
> >Now place a good ground field right below the single point ground panel
> >with
> >as many radials and ground rods as you can justify putting in. Run wide
> >copper strap from the panel to the ground field. Also run a ground wire
> >buried in the ground over to your service entrance panel and phone ground
> >and tie it to the single point ground panel in the shack.
> >
> >By the way there should be a ground rod at your service entrance panel on
> >the house even though there is one at the barn.
> >
> >73
> >Gary  K4FMX
> >
> >

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