[TowerTalk] Endangered Bird - who ya gonna call?

J A Ritter w0uce at nc.rr.com
Mon Dec 11 08:25:59 EST 2006

Every spring a male Cardinal endangers himself by perching on the outside
bay window ledge in my dining area.  He guards this space with gusto and
apparently sees his reflection then flies, up and down pecking the window as
if attacking an intruder.  If anyone walks by the window even on the inside
he attacks...  He does this hour after hour.  I am afraid he is going to
break his P..... errrr,  I mean beak.

I have putting up warning signs and left notes for him to be careful, all to
no avail, he insists on ignoring every attempt I make to help him avoid
possible injury.  

My tower is approximately 100 feet away, perhaps I am mistaken about the
bird guarding his territory and he is actually seeing a reflected image of
the tower and is trying to climb it, which I know is dangerous, so... I put
a "warning - danger - do not climb" sign on the tower and even reversed the
letters so the poor bird could read the sign with accuracy when he looks at
the window glass.

I am at a loss what to try next; I have called every shrink in town but they
refuse to make house calls to come here and council the endangered creature;
they tell me I should make an appointment to come to their office for
therapy sessions myself.

Can anyone please tell me who or what department I should contact at the
FCC; they may be the last and only source of possible hope or assistance in
preventing the bird from injuring himself. 

Thanks in advance... 

Jack W0UCE

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Guess I'm in trouble.  A male and female Cardinal each spring use my 50 
foot crankup for a clandestine meeting place on one of the elements of 
the Tennadyne T-10, then fly off someplace together.  With 10 elements 
its not a very inconspicuous place to meet, especially when the other 
nine elements are occupied.

Tom, WW5L


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