[TowerTalk] Pictures of Soldering a PL-259 (UHF Male) at K3LR

Bill Turner dezrat at copper.net
Sun Dec 17 15:46:47 EST 2006


On Sat, 16 Dec 2006 20:41:35 -0600, Tim Duffy K3LR <k3lr at k3lr.com>

>Bill, N4AR taught me how to do this and I have been doing this "unconventional
>method" ever since.

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I've used a similar method for years but I think mine is even easier
and simpler. 

Instead of fanning out the braid before soldering, I just leave it in
place, tightly wrapped just as it comes from the factory. I trim it
back so only about 1/4 inch is protruding inside the connector. Then,
using a Weller D550 gun or other very hot iron, I just solder the
braid to the very end of the connector. With the proper size coax, the
fit is fairly tight already and the solder just bridges from braid to
connector. Apply solder liberally to ensure a strong mechanical

Like K3LR, I feel this is a far better method than trying to solder
through those ridiculous little holes and never knowing if you have a
good strong connection or not and whether you have overheated the
dielectric or not. All the soldering is done clear out at the end of
the connector instead of in the middle and any damage or poor
soldering is immediately apparent. 

Give either method a try; you'll like it!

Bill, W6WRT

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