[TowerTalk] building code questions

Dick Green WC1M wc1m at msn.com
Wed Feb 1 10:11:47 EST 2006

 K7LXC wrote:
>  My question is: why would you use a form? Most tower base holes come in
many shapes and sizes - one with perfectly formed sides is the exception.
Even if the sides of the hole have sloughed, just fill the hole with
concrete - no muss, no fuss with forms and you're conforming to the
manufacturer's specs. Sounds pretty straightforward to me.  
Well, I don't want to use a form. I brought it up because the electrical
inspector is requiring inspection prior to backfill. That implies a form. I
want to make sure the town understands that I'll be pouring against
undisturbed soil and won't require a form.
 > >  Would a form for a padless pier be a bad violation
of Rohn's specs?

   >   I'm not sure what you mean. Please explain.  
The Rohn specs state that the pour must be done against undisturbed soil
*unless* it's a pad pier. In that case, you can (have to) use a form for the
pier portion (only -- the pad is poured against undisturbed soil.) Since
it's certainly possible to backfill and tamp (not that I want to), I was
asking just how bad it would be to use a form on a pier that does not have a
pad. Sort of an academic question.

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