[TowerTalk] 40 Wire Antennas for a City Lot?

Eric Rosenberg wd3q at starpower.net
Wed Feb 1 15:06:06 EST 2006

I need advice for a 40m wire antenna in my 40ft/12m (E/W) x 144ft/44m
(N/S) city lot, bordered by power and telco lines along the western side. 

At the moment, I'm using an 80/40 Off Center Fed dipole (made by
Fritzel), and for contesting it is, well.. mediocre!  Adding a rotatable
dipole element to my roof-mounted C3-SS is, for the time being, a
non-starter. I have a 160 inverted-L with 26 radials. 

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

Thanks in advance! 

Eric W3DQ 
Washington, DC  

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