[TowerTalk] epoxy & tower base bolts

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I made my living, repairing MAJOR buildings facades in downtown Chicago.

I use various types of expansion bolts, Rawls, Hilti, and others.
I used various types of lo-modulous and hi-modulus expoxies.

I won't go into the details, but I trusted them to hold MANY tons of brick and stone.
But those many tons of brick and stone were not flexing, swaying, being jerked in multiple 
directions at once by random wind gusts.
But I personally would not trust them to hold a unguyed extended tower. Maybe like a 

If I was to replace a tower on a existing concrete that already had in-concrete bolts, I'd 
go to a steel plant and buy a 3/4 - 1" thick piece of plate, and have them drill the holes 
for the existing bolts and the new bolt pattern.

Bolt the tower base to the plate, and bolt the plate to the existing bolts.

And if you have priced those expansion bolts and industrial grade epoxies lately...you may 
just get off cheaper.

I'm sure some Engineer will argue with me...so you make your decision.

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