[TowerTalk] dangerous job / accept the risk

David J Windisch davidjw at cinci.rr.com
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Draw a line on the ground.  Walk on it.  Put a 2X4 on the line.  Walk on it. 
Put bricks under the 2X4.  Walk on it.  Put cinder blocks under it.  Walk on 
it.   Support the 2X4 between the first steps of 2 stepladders.   Walk on it 
....  recover from being terrified by mere visual perceptions.  It takes 
practice to get used to haat.
What's terrifying is not taking precautions beforehand.
73, Dave, N3HE

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> TTers;
> I used to work for a company that had a contract to provide a
> statewide 800MHz system.  Most of the towers were quite tall
> (250 - 300 feet) with seperate RX and TX antennas, so the RX
> antenna had a tower-mounted pre-amp in a large stainless-steel
> box (2'X 3'X 1') which weighed about 75 pounds.  One of these
> tower-top amps failed during the day, the tower guys were
> called and went right to the sight to replace it.  By then it
> was dark and raining, but so what, up they went.  Afterwards
> they said it was just part of the job, day or night, rain or
> shine, made no difference to them.
> Better them than me, I cannot stand on the next-to-the-top step
> of a six foot step ladder without being terrified.
> Barry - W1HFN
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