[TowerTalk] Epoxied bolts

Pat Barthelow aa6eg at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 3 15:51:22 EST 2006

My curiosity and the magic of internet search has found an informative site 
showing results and techniques for testing of Imbedded bolt shafts in huge 
wooden sail boats.  They show me that Epoxy, applied by experts, is 
incredible stuff.  This app does not directly transfer to the strength of 
the steel rod-epoxy-smooth hole interface in concrete, but is still an eye 
opener to how strong properly engineered epoxy bonds are.

They pull tested a 3/4" stainless bolt epoxied, centered,  into a 1" hole 
for 3" depth into WOOD, and the Tinneus-Olsen puller ripped  it out at 13.9K 
lbs.   Another test specimen, 9" deep in wood,  x 1.5" dia withstood 55K lbs 
before failure.   They have good precise descriptions and photos on the test 
setups which were required to be done  by Lloyds of London, the ship 

For a good read, see:   http://westsystem.com/ewmag/19/index19.html

and find the section on Bonded in Fasteners.

73, DX, de Pat Barthelow AA6EG aa6eg at hotmail.com

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