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>  I've got 3/16" double braid Dacron rope for low stretch  guys.  Most of 
the double layer rope I've used in the past was pretty  finicky about 
treating the cut end, both in terms of how the cut is made  and 
processed, and also the way it is looped and knotted on the D ring.  The 
big problem I've seen is unequal tension on the inner and outer weaves  
leading to failure of one and the the other.

>  I emailed  the manufacturer and they were surprisingly unhelpful, saying 
in essence  "use a hot knife, we only make it, we know nothing about  

>  I'd like to engineer a solution rather  than hack one.  Starting with the 
guys I want to be able to calculate  the real guys strength.  
    Well, the strength is the ultimate breaking  strength of the line. 
    As far as cutting new ends, just cut it with a  sharp knife and then melt 
the end with a lighter. It won't be very pretty but  it'll work FB. I 
wouldn't inhale the plastic smoke. Or you can take it to your  local hardware store 
or REI or someplace that cuts synthetic ropes and webbing  - they have a nice 
little hot knife and an exhaust system for the fumes. The  end of the rope will 
be outside the knot so the condition of the rope end is  not critical. 
>  I'm concerned that the terminations will end up being the  weak points.

        A knot typically reduces  the UBS of the line by about 40% so pay 
attention to the strength of the whole  system. 
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