[TowerTalk] Simpler Version of Shunt Fed Tower - 80M?

Howard Klein howk2 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 4 21:28:18 EST 2006

Jerry and Brian,
I have an 80ft self supporting tower with two 4 el SteppIR's. I shunt feed 
it for 80 and 160 using two  separate feeds. Both circuits are gamma matches 
with  vacuum varariable capacitors. The gamma lines are 3/4 inch copper pipe 
with pvc standoffs. I retract the elements whenever I am on 80 and 160. I 
have been doing this for almost 3 years without (my fingers are crossed) a 
problem.  I believe Brian had some concern about the cost of the caps. There 
are good buys on E-Bay as well as some not so good. You have to keep 
looking. I paid under $100 for each.
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Now, having said all that, I know that some have tried this.  Maybe
those guinea pigs will offer their results.  I would like to know anyone
experienced any of the problems listed above.

Jerry, K4SAV

Brian Maynard wrote:

 >This is a question for the group.  Thanks for reading and responding
 >as you can.  Brian, K1NW
 >I have a USTowers 55' crank up with a 4-L SteppIR.  I would like to
 >put up a shunt fed wire for 80M only.  I have read up on this and
 >despite it being called a "poor-man's vertical" I find the ~$400+
 >price tag for vacuum variable capacitors to be very prohibitive.
 >My question is:
 >If I am only looking for resonance on 80M can I just use high power
 >capacitors (recommendations welcome) and skip the vacuum variables?
 >Also I am using the standoffs for my feed and control lines, and
 >could not possibly tie the cables for these to the tower legs (I
 >raise and lower the tower regularly) - how will this affect
 >performance of the 80M wire?
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