[TowerTalk] UST HDX589 crank-up tower base on rock?

Joe - WD0M WD0M at centurytel.net
Sun Feb 12 18:37:45 EST 2006

Hi Les,

I feel your pain.  Virtually ALL my 5 acres is 
bedrock.  I tried finding a place to dig out a 
base for my 55 foot crank up tower, to no 
avail.  I went through lots of  questions, trying 
to figure out how to make it happen. I checked 
with local engineers, TT engineers, concrete 
engineers, blasting engineers, and finally 
decided to just build the base on top of the rock by myself.

The soil was about 6 to 8 inches deep, then solid 
rock.  My decision was to get a hammer drill with 
a concrete/masonry bit and drill holes in the 
rock to put in the re-bar for the concrete 
form.  I used a special cement (Rockite) to keep 
the re-bar in place, made the re-bar cage, built 
a plywood form around it, then reinforced the 
heck out of the frame and poured the 
concrete.  Dang if it didn't work.  The tower has 
been up for a couple of years, and has withstood 
some 70 mph wind gusts.  No problems at all.  You 
can find a bit more detail at:


Click on Ham Radio, then Tower Project.  Hope 
this adds a bit of encouragement.  No, I didn't use an engineer.


At 04:15 PM 2/12/2006, Les Kalmus wrote:
>Hi TTians,
>In a few months I will be starting construction on a new house which will be
>located on top of a hill on a adjacent piece of property. My HDX589 is
>currently installed on the manufacturer's recommended base of 5x5x8.5 feet
>of concrete with rebar.
>Test holes in the vicinity of the new house have revealed between 16 and 40
>inches of soil on top of the rock the hill is made of. A blasting contractor
>has told me that the stone is very strong and stable and he will not have
>any problems blasting for the house basement and foundation.
>I won't be able to dig another hole and use the same method as the current
>location. Instead, I have been told there are bolts or rods that can be set
>into holes drilled into the stone and epoxied in place which can support the
>I will probably need an engineer but don't know where to begin to find one
>familiar with this type of work or what alternatives exist. Anyone familiar
>with this technique or alternative method who can steer me in the right
>direction? Any particulars I need to provide to him/her that I need to
>research in advance?
>I am located between New Paltz and Kingston, NY.
>73, Les W2LK

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