[TowerTalk] Valmont towers - here's a good one!

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Thought  some of you might be interested in the following Quote from the   
"Valmont Safety and Installation Guidelines".  Valmont   manufactures Rohn 
compatible 25 and 45 series tower sections and is   owned by PiRod:

The "who owns whom" is the other way around. Valmont, who acquired  tower 
component/accessory operation Microflect in 1995 also acquired PiRod in  2001. 
Valomont now calls the Microflect/PiRod group Specialty  Structures/Engineered 
Structures, under the Valmont umbrella of  course.
>8) "Do not climb the structure under any  circumstances.  The structure  is 
not designed to support a  man.  Climbing the structure may result in  death 
serious  injury.  Climbing the structure will void the  warranty".

Aint it wonderful what product liability claims  have done to the industry?  

73, Bob  K8IA

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