[TowerTalk] boat winch

Greenacres113@aol.com Greenacres113 at aol.com
Thu Feb 16 10:20:45 EST 2006

on my 25 t/o  i use a boat winch. it has a lever to set  for up or down lock. 
it works like a ratchet socket wrench. it only goes in 1  direction and locks 
out the other.
when i'm lowering the tower i have a 'backup'. i put a 3/4''  rope parallel 
to the winch cable. tied to the swing boom end ,looped 1 time  around a tower 
leg. the rope  holder stands 90 deg.s off the tower so they  are clear if 
something goes wrong.as i'm turning the winch the helper lets out  rope. if  the 
winch cable slipped or broke the rope allows the tower to be  held while repairs 
are made. in the 10 times or so my tower has been lowered  i've never had a 
problem.i always use the backup rope. better  safe....
also, since the cable stays coiled up in all wx i sprayed the  cable with 
metalic paint and use grease or vasoline rubbed on the coil as a rust  preventer. 
since you can't see the condx. of the cable until it rolls out   you need to 
try to prevent rust. some people put a plastic freezer veg.  container over 
the cable coil to keep water out

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