[TowerTalk] UST HDX589 crank-up tower base on rock?

Ian White GM3SEK gm3sek at ifwtech.co.uk
Thu Feb 16 15:45:45 EST 2006

Joe - WD0M wrote:

>Sounds like a very reasonable way to proceed.  I
>doubt you'll have a big problem using the epoxy
>approach.  I used a material called "Rockite" - a
>cement product used to locate heavy machinery on
>concrete floors - to put my re-bar in place in
>the holes I drilled into the bedrock for the
>tower base.  It worked very well.  Not sure of
>its availability in Scotland, though.  Your
>problem sounds like what I experienced with my
>tower installation.  You can see how I did it at:

Thanks for all the replies - and I hope Les is getting as much useful 
information from my replies as I'm getting from his.

I already had your site bookmarked, Joe. That must be the largest dental 
crown I ever saw! Seriously, thank you for lots of good information 
which I've studied carefully.

Unfortunately it looks like Rockite would not be suitable, because this 
rock is fairly porous and gets quite wet in winter. However, I'll give 
Rockite's UK representative a call tomorrow and see what they say.

Replying also to Steve: on checking the Fischer website (one of the best 
manufacturers) it looks like most of the mechanical anchors designed for 
building construction are too short to go through the concrete cap and 
penetrate well into the rock beneath, so maybe I should just concentrate 
on the resin anchors and drill deeper holes.

I'll reply to Jim separately.

>At 09:35 AM 2/16/2006, Ian White GM3SEK wrote:
>>Steve wrote:
>> >    You can rent a rock corer to drill the  appropriate holes for the
>> >factory anchor bolts - or have someone come out and  do it - and then
>> >you can epoxy them in or use rock expansion bolts - or  both. It'll be
>> >real strong.
>>"Or both"... interesting idea - has anybody here used it?
>>On a smaller scale - five posts for verticals, rather than a tower -
>>I'll soon have 20 of these anchors to put in, so would welcome any and
>>all suggestions.
>>It's impossible to dig post-holes here. We tried a little harder with a
>>backhoe, but at all five locations it hit solid rock only a few inches
>>down. The best it could manage was five shallow scrapes, so I'll now
>>have to level each of these back up to grade with concrete, and then use
>>bolt-down sockets for the wooden posts. My plan had been to drill
>>half-inch holes right through the concrete and some way down into the
>>solid rock, and then use half-inch threaded rods anchored by epoxy (or
>>similar... whichever kind of resin works best in damp rock).
>>Does that make sense, to the folks who have used epoxy?

73 from Ian GM3SEK

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