[TowerTalk] still ned help tristao crank up

thevaliantkid@aol.com thevaliantkid at aol.com
Sat Feb 18 08:44:43 EST 2006

Ok Here's The Deal,
                                 We just got back from the tower site 
and here's what I found out the Base is 18" from outter tip to otter 
tip 17" from inner tip to inner tip, the middle section is 15"from 
outter tip to outter tip 13 "from inner tip to inner tip. and the top 
section is 13" from outter tip to outter tip and 11" from inner tip to 
inner tip.The tower does have the Z pattern bracees and the tristao 
tower co. name plate is on the crank, there is no handle for the crank 
and the crank has a worm gear sticking out where a handle would be.The 
base section has the 3 tabs on the legs with a dual bolt pattern fro 
mounting to the base plate or hinge plate .The rotor looks like new and 
it comes with 300 ft of hardline and 300 ft of rotor cable 150,00 plus 
20.00 to deliver I didn't think that was bad and am going to pick it up 
hopefully tommorow.So I hope you can help me ID this tower and locate 
some info on the base plate and the footing neede well thanks again 
look forward to hearing from you and here is a pick as it can see it is 
in nice shape specialy the rotor Thanks                                 
  John KB1MWK 

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