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This summer we installed an 11 element 70 foot boom length M2 6 meter yagi
on an 85 foot tower at an elevation of 5000 feet located about 200 feet from
my summer QTH in CM99 in the Sierras. I used a single 300 foot length of
Times Microwave LMR-600 low loss coax for the run from the radio room to the
antenna and it has worked out *great*. Be sure to also get the Times
Microwave TC-600-NMC special "N" connectors. I was able to get everything
from Texas Towers and the coax arrived OK on its own wooden spool. Make sure
you invite some friends to help you though with the antenna assembly and
raising party and for laying out the LMR-600  :-)

I am *very* pleased with LMR-600 and I am changing over all of my VHF feed
lines for VHF to LMR-600.

Good luck and 73, Ted, K6XN

Ps Yes..we can bounce our 6 meter SSB signals off the moon with this antenna
and feed line and we can hear our own signals come back to us after about 2
seconds when we run the 6 meter modified Heathkit SB 220 linear (thank you
KM1H for the 1200 watts on 6 meters). We can also usually work just about
any one on earth that we can hear on 6 meters with only 10 watts to the 11
element beam....we are in a wilderness area at the summer QTH in CM99 with
no commercial power (no neighbors and no QRN or TVs either) and we usually
run QRP on solar power and batteries but we do have a back up 20 KW diesel
generator for running the well pump, back up...and contests. :-) 

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OK I know this has the potential to open a can of worms, but I'm going to
put up a nice tower about 100-200' from the station.  I need a good feedline
that is low loss and easy to work with. Hardline is not an option.  

I will be feeding both HF and VHF antennas.  

Also, I'll be putting in a rotator (Ham IV). Any good rotator cable?

THanks all you experts! Appreciate it.


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