[TowerTalk] Was Hy-Gain HG-52SS, now HG50 MT2

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Thanks, Jim.  I wonder if it mentioned a base section to put in the concrete?  18" sounds like it just may need some 12" j-bolts instead of a whole base section.

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  Yes Steve, the manufacturer sold a guy set for it. My 1982 catalog shows the base as 24"x24"x18" and it also shows an HG-MT2-20 guying kit for this tower. So go ahead Chuck. Do what the manufacturer says. This tower is NOT a freestanding tower, but was referred to as a "side-supported" tower and it was designed to be bracketed to a roof or guyed.

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    >  I'd actually prefer a small set of guys, the first section  is only 20 feet
    high so they would not be particularly large or difficult  to place.

    Hiya, Chuck --
        Why would you guy it since the manufacturer doesn't  say to and any 
    failure will be in the upper 1/3 or so of the tower - not the  guyed base section? 
        The guys are pretty superfluous but installing them  won't hurt anything.
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