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I believe that it is also important that the pulley have a large enough
wheel diameter and the groove have a radius which fits the rope diameter.
Otherwise the rope will be flattened as it rolls over the pulley. A local
ham, W7BUD (SK) used Dacron rope to guy a 120 ft tower with 2 full size 4el
20m beams on it. The upper beam used a pipe shaft to the ground mounted
rotator and a TIC ring for the lower one. It was up for at least 10 years at
his hill top location until he passed on. I helped take it down. Needless to
say, none of the locals would climb it but he did frequently.
73, Dan, N5AR

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> >The black dacron covering wears through and once that happens the
> >polyester seems to go pretty quickly.
>I've had similar bad experience with the dacron rope from the following
>link. I was using it with pulleys to suspend dipoles from the tall tower
>at W6BX. It lasted about a year.

Wear is a function of abrasion and if you have something that is
hostile to the rope, it is going to break! All too often poor quality
or undersized pulleys are used: I know because I have made this
mistake. I also had a triangle antenna in a quaking aspen that stayed
up long enough for the tree to grow over the rope......and then it failed.

Marine grade pulleys are by far the best to use but pricey. I found a
better grade of hardware pulley with a bronze axle at my local hardware

If you have the rope going over a tree branch, the mechanical motion
of the tree is going to abrade any rope. Another potential problem is
using a small sized rope in a too large pulley. The rope could slip
off the wheel and jam between the axle and the housing.

No rope product is perfect.

73, Craig Clark, K1QX


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