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Sat Feb 25 14:03:15 EST 2006

Radio Wave Propagation Book - Volume 2 is now released.

So you have  a radio and an antenna, plus all of the other fancy
devices imaginable to  enable transmit and/or receive signals. But, all
of this top-of-the-line  radio gear notwithstanding; you wonder why the
radio-wave signals behave in  such an "unpredictable" manner and you
lose contact, or it fades or varies up  and down like a roller coaster
causing frustration. That's radio wave  propagation!

This is why we offer a new and fresh approach to learning  about this
important subject now contained in this series of books, Radio  Wave
Propagation by M.H. De Canck, ON5AU of Belgium. Volumes 1 and 2  are
now available to be followed by more volumes. The author's  unique
presentation on the subject is not only interesting, but  actually
makes it a fun learning process - not often said about this  complex

Plot your destination and "see" your signal travel in  animation using
the author's unique Presentation Form Wizards given birth in  this new
and original series.

Please just go to our new Announcements  Page for the various  Links:

Thanks  for your time!

Jack L. Stone, Publisher
antenneX Online  Magazine
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