[TowerTalk] MonstIR/Orion problem

Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Mon Feb 27 00:47:27 EST 2006

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> It appears that the m2or2800 clamp is a massive but poor design.  Have you
> modified yours?
> What suggestions do you have.  I have two of those rotators so any
> suggestion other than
> be prepared to re-clamp them will be greatly appreciated.
> k7puc

I got fed up and pinned ours last year. Not sure if it held up,
however. Last time I was at the club station in Pasadena, the 40
meter heading was off about 45 degrees. This could have been
due to slippage or perhaps someone monkied with the calibration
on the control box. I need climb the tower and check it when I
have some time. I used 1/2" diameter threaded rod for the pin
(not a hardened bolt), so its possible that my mild steel "fuse"
blew during the last spat of Santa Ana winds that we had.

73, Mike W4EF............................. 

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