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During the storm last January I had a one inch diameter anchor bolt snap and
I almost lost the big tower with the KLM KT-34XA (boom length is 32 feet)
and the KLM 40 meter dipole. It was pretty scary....my wife actually moved
the dog so that he wouldn't get hurt when the tower and antennas came down
through the roof. Luckily they didn't as I was able to crank down the tower
between wind gusts. I did lose my 80 meter antenna and we had to weld the
snapped tower anchor bolt.

With reference to this latest storm I had finally learned my lesson and I
cranked my big tower down to 30 feet *before* the storm hit. The welded
anchor bolt held. My KT-34XA is rotated about 45 degrees on its mast from
the wind gusts but other than that no damage. There was also no damage to my
other towers or antennas but several large trees are down in my

My QTH is in grid square CM87 in the foothills of Saratoga on the west side
of Santa Clara Valley....approximately 40 miles south of San Francisco.

We did lose a huge construction crane in Cupertino several miles from my QTH
that was blown over in wind gusts reported to exceed 60 MPH....there will
probably be video of the fallen crane in the local media this evening.

73, Ted, K6XN

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Heard on news this morning that San Francisco area got hit with hurricane 
force winds, gusting to 100 mph.   Any SF W6s on the reflector care to 
report on how their ant. farms came through (or didn't)?


rob / k5uj

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