[TowerTalk] Rotor Stripping Gears?

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Tue Feb 28 13:20:27 EST 2006

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and clamp and that held it.   Only problem came when we had a really bad 
windstorm, instead of slipping,  it took the gears out in the rotor.

        This sounds like a typical  Hy-Gain rotator failure. Is that right? 
With the current worm-gear drive  rotators (e.g. Orion, BigBoy, AlfaSpid), 
won't suffer the same fate. That's  why I'm really reluctant to pin Hy-Gain 
and Yaesu rotators but 
If someone is looking for a rotor that won't strip its gears, I have a small 
prop pitch for sale.  It has a spline hub interface, and designed for 
"pinning" the mast.  No slippage with that approach, and if you use my technique for 
securing the mast, pin, and hub it won't loosen either.  For more details go to 

Norm W4QN

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