[TowerTalk] Numbered wires

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 2 11:14:27 EDT 2006

At 04:38 AM 7/2/2006, phil at grateones.com wrote:
>Do you folks know where I can buy wire, with wire numbers printed every 
>few inches on the coating? I would need #16 rolls numbered 1 - 30 so I 
>don't have to waste time putting number stickers on the wires in a control 

Most wire companies will do hot stamping on any wire you care to 
name.  Minimum orders are typically small.  A few tens of dollars for setup 
+ a penny a foot or so (this was about 10 years ago, when I priced it).

You could also just order 30 different colors/stripes.  10 base colors plus 
10 stripe colors gives you 100 possibilities, or, two color stripes.  Not 
all color combinations are available, but there's a heck of a lot of them 
available from stock, or nearly so.  Color stripes are cheaper than 
printing on the wire (less setup.. they don't have to make a wheel up with 
your letters.. it's just a color roller)

You want the middling size wire company for this.. they usually buy bulk 
copper wire and put their own jackets on.  Check your local yellow 
pages.  Or call one of the coax dealers selling into the ham market.. they 
might know who can do it.

A couple years ago, I was contemplating getting extension cords and coax 
stamped with my name and call sign (so you could get it back after FD, for 
instance), but, in the case of extension cords, it's almost as easy to just 
write it with a Sharpie (especially if you have kids to do the actual work)

If you're in the Los Angeles area, I can find the names of the places I 
checked out 10-15 yeats ago.

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