[TowerTalk] Wind generators/towers and antennas

Don Moman VE6JY ve6jy at 3web.com
Sun Jul 2 16:40:53 EDT 2006

My 1 kw wind generator (Cyclone) is electrically quiet - nothing but an
PM alternator - but other units with "smarts" in them may not be quiet.
The bigger issue may be what the unit connects to.  Invertors, PWM
charge controllers etc are potentially very noisy at lower frequencies.
I'm using some APC UPS's ( Smart UPS 1400, 2200 w models w/pure sine
wave) for my "invertor" and even they generate some noise. More than I
want but possibly less than I can live with.  Some of this noise may
feed back into the batteries and then up to the wind gen, effectively
radiating this into your antennas so filtering may/will be needed.  

73 Don

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I am in the midst of designing a new station for KH6 and it appears I
may  be 
putting up some Rohn 55 as a support for a wind generator to provide  
It certainly would be a shame to let a good 60-90 foot of tower be
wasted  on 
just that and the thought occurred to me that the tower could be  used
as a 
support for wire antennas as well as possibly side-mounted  Yagis.
Has anyone had experience with mounting antennas on the same tower as
generators?  If so, what was the experience with RFI on the antennas?
And if 
not on the same tower, has anyone had experience mounting antennas
near the wind generator and what, if any RFI was noticed?
KH6 law restricts hams to one 90 foot tower and it would be nice to have

another sky hook up for inverted-vees/guy wires.
Bill K4XS

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