[TowerTalk] (Fwd) Question on Multiple Inverted L Antennas

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Wed Jul 12 21:48:51 EDT 2006

I have an inverted 'L' for 160 and an 80 meter dipole in the same tree. 
They both work fine, but I can sure see a difference when I let the 80 meter 
dipole down.  It changes the SWR on the inverted 'L', so there has to be 
some interaction there.  73


I have placed multiple coaxial inverted Ls in the same tree (but fed them 
with separate feed lines). My results were
that there was no noticable interaction. The antennas all worked fantastic.

My present antenna farm has the 80M and 160M in a single tree and then 
another 80M phased, a 4-square inverted
Ls on 40M and another 4-square set of inverted Ls on 20M. I am very pleased 
with the results.

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