[TowerTalk] Cord stuck in EMT

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Mon Jul 17 02:16:59 EDT 2006

> >The easiest way would be to use a tubing cutter and cut the emt off 
> >about
> 2-3 inches below where the cord is broke off. After replacing the cable 
> just
> add a coupling and a new short piece of EMT.
> Yes, but "the EMT is buried in cement."
> I couldn't drill out the cord.  It destroyed the drill.
> The sides of the cord seem to be stuck to the
> inside surface of the EMT. Both ends of the EMT

"I'd try" one of the long wood drill bits in a hand brace.  Get a bit that 
just nicely fits inside the conduit. (they are expensive. The last one I 
purchased was over $30).  They have cutting edges along the front and side 
and should clean the cord off the EMT even if glued in place. The idea 
behind the hand brace is to turn it slowly and don't force it.  Insert the 
bit, make a turn or two and pull it back out.  If you start to feel a lot of 
resistance try to pull the bit out and do so while still turning it forward 
*IF POSSIBLE*.  The regular bits will force the cord off to the side and 
wedge it between the drill and tube wall which will quite likely push the 
bit off center and through the wall into the concrete.

Another possibility would be to get a piece of thin wall that just fits 
inside what you have. Unfortunately I'm guessing it's 1/2" and you are 
unlikely to find a piece that will just slip inside that.

Also a long bit sharpened to give it cutting edges on the outside as used in 
drilling plastic  and thin sheet Aluminum, *might* work, but again, I'd want 
to turn it slow without undue pressure.  If all else fails you might try a 
piece of 1/8" steel flat stock even if you need to grind or file the edges 
to get it to fit.  Prpperly shaped it'll scrape the sides of the EMT, 
removing the cord...maybe.

Too bad they don't make a tiny hole saw that would fit in there.<:-))

Good Luck,

Roger Halstead (K8RI and ARRL 40 year Life Member)
N833R - World's oldest Debonair CD-2

> are in exposed boxes but the EMT itself is
> encased in cement. BIG problem if I have to
> chop out the EMT and replace. Next idea, please.
> Geoff, K6TFZ
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