[TowerTalk] Insulating Towers

ADRIAN REES rees.a at btconnect.com
Mon Jul 17 05:38:11 EDT 2006

I have just received planning consent (in the UK) for 4 Towers, each with an effective height of 25 M. I plan on various Yagi's on each tower, and arrange them such that they form a square. 
As you can see I am going for a 4 Square. The question is how do I insulate the towers?
Each tower is  tilt over, telescopic. The towers are made by a company called Radio Structures of Nottingham (see http://www.radiostructures.co.uk <http://www.radiostructures.co.uk>  ) The towers are 25M Versions of there BM20.
The website shows how they are installed.
So far I think I need some sort of insulating bush around the studs that the bases bolt onto. 
Any ideas ?
Adrian Rees (MW1LCR)

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