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Thanks for the "travelogue" of Metroplex communities.

Perhaps being a "virtual office" person is better!

I have that arrangement currently, and it works well for both the company
and me.  

I'll file this one away for a future day when it becomes needed by me or
someone else.

Anyone else?


Vy 73,

Gordon Beattie, W2TTT


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Well, in light of what you just said, I can tell you that in the DFW
Metroplex, there are at least a few "Small" cities with rediculous (IMHO)


1) Bedford, TX - Says 65 feet in there code, but what they don't say, is the
highest they'll issue a permit for if your lot is under 130x130 (Most are
only 60-70 feet wide) is a 1 to 1 fall ratio.  So, if your lot is 70 feet
wide, they'll let you go to 35 feet max.  BTW, a vertical also requires a
permit, and you're only allowed to have one "Antenna" on the property.  (Can
you tell I used to live there?)


2) Lewisville, Texas - 30 Feet and be glad we let you go that high.  We only
have to accommodate you in a reasonable fashion, now leave us alone.


3) Euless, TX - 35 Feet but you don't need a permit.  Variances are pretty
easy to get, up to 60 feet.  (This is what a Code Enforcement guy told me.)


4) Colleyville - 35 Feet (If you can get it by the HOA)


On the other hand, there are a few communities that are pretty reasonable.


1) Denton - 70 Feet, just give us a site plan and let us inspect the
foundation before and after.

2) Carrollton - 60 Feet, permit required.

3) Richardson - 99 Feet, Permit required  (You may have HOA whoa's here
though if you buy anything built after 1990.)

4) Dallas told me 50 feet.  There seems to be some argument on this one.
5) Arlington appears to be 50 feet.



The mid cities areas seems to be the most snooty.  There is also an issue
with being in close proximity to DFW Airport as well, which would pretty
much preclude anything over 65 feet.


That's my list.

"J. Gordon Beattie, Jr., W2TTT" <w2ttt at worldnet.att.net> wrote:

Hi all!
I've seen a number of emails about Texas communities with tower and antenna
significant restrictions and covenants. With mergers of AT&T into SBC
having made a "new" AT&T and the pending merger with BellSouth, I'm
wondering if there are folks out there who can speak well of various
suburban areas in the neighborhood/commuting distance of AT&T/SBC offices
that would be "Ham Friendly" with their tower and antenna laws. Such
communities need to be identified for those who might find themselves
calling Texas home sometime in the future.
Anyone out there with some suggestions?

Thanks & Vy 73,
Gordon Beattie, W2TTT
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Use solid bare copper wire to connect to the ground rods, #4 bare solid at

No need to tie each legs' ground radial together, they're already tied
together at the tower.

Polyphaser recommends 65-75 feet of ground radials per leg. With eight foot
ground rods this would be 5 ground rods per leg. I'd increase that over
what you're planning; don't cheapen your ground system at this point.

No need to tie the legs to the concrete; concrete is conductive so you'll
get that benefit.

And, I'm a staunch supporter of CadWelded connections for a fool-proof,
maintenance free solution.

You're on your way.


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