[TowerTalk] AT&T/SBC Location Communities in Texas

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Thanks for your insights.
My wife, N2FWI has only one criteria: pizza must be deliverable to our home.
This is her metric to set the boundary for being too far out in the in

Vy 73,
Gordon Beattie, W2TTT
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Unincorporated areas in most Texas counties have little regulation as 
far a zoning except for massage parlors, X-rated video stores, and strip 
joints.  Texas still believes mostly that a person's land is theirs to 
do with as they please, at least out in the country.  Unless there are a 
lot of complaints counties pretty much leave things alone in the 
unincorporated areas, other than to collect taxes.  Houston TX, the 
largest city in Texas and fourth largest in the U.S.,  is the largest 
city in the country without zoning laws, so businesses are allowed to 
operate within residential neighborhoods. Despite the lack of zoning 
laws, the industrial and residential regions are generally separated 
from one another because the primary industrial section developed and 
remains along the ship canal, while residential neighborhoods developed 
mostly outside this area. However, some overlap does occur.

As a for instance, a friend of mine and my wife lived south of Arlington 
TX several miles in a community called Webb, and he put up a 190 foot 
tower with a 3 element linear loaded 80 meter beam with no zoning 
problems.  When Arlington annexed his property years later there was 
nothing they could do because he was grandfathered in and his several 
acres stood stood in the midst of southern Arlington surrounded by homes 
and businesses along South Cooper Street, one of Arlington's busiest 
Jinks finally got tired of living in the city so he moved out to the 
country west of Fort Worth and put up an antenna farm.

Even though counties may not have many regulations, subdivisions could, 
so if you buy rural property around Dallas-Fort Worth double check 

Tom, WW5L

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>>Hi all!
>>I've seen a number of emails about Texas communities with tower and 
>>significant restrictions and covenants.  With mergers of AT&T into SBC
>>having made a "new" AT&T and the pending merger with BellSouth, I'm
>>wondering if there are folks out there who can speak well of various
>>suburban areas in the  neighborhood/commuting distance of AT&T/SBC offices
>>that would be "Ham Friendly" with their tower and antenna laws.  Such
>>communities need to be identified for those who might find themselves
>>calling Texas home sometime in the future.
>>Anyone out there with some suggestions?
>>Thanks & Vy 73,
>>Gordon Beattie, W2TTT
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