[TowerTalk] Aluminum nesting crank-up pole

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I don't know the diameter you are dealing with, John, but I have cleaned out
2 & 3-inch conduit by tying a big rag to nylon cord and pulling it back and
forth through the conduit.  You'd probably want to soak the rag in solvent
first.  If it's really nasty in there you could try the same thing with a
properly sized round brush.  The real big sizes are sold for cleaning out
chimneys and flues, the smaller sizes for cleaning out bottles, glasses,

73 - JC, K0HPS

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I've had this surplus pole for about 20 years, I believe it was
originally for an Army lighting systgem. I'm refurbishing it prior to
installing it on the Intergalactic Roving Battle Jitney for the
september VHF test.

I've disassembled it and cleaned it up, but I can't come up with a way
to clean the insides of the tubes (especially the smaller ones. Lots
of gunk in there that needs to come out for it to run smoothly ..

Other question is whats the proper lubricant to use? I think the
bottom bearing is steel against aluminum and the top is
aluminum/aluminum. Lithium grease?

tnx de w1rt/john

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