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I have a CATS DPU-1800-D digital rotor and controller coupled to rotate an
85 foot self supporting tubular tower and a monster 70 foot boom length 11
element M2 6 meter beam ( M2 model 6M11JKV). The CATS rotor handles it with
ease. The rotor has 2 degree repeatable accuracy and the controller gives a
large 1 degree accuracy readout and is also computer controllable. My 85
foot tower and M2 6M11JKV are located on top of a 5000 foot mountain in the

I am absolutely delighted with the CATS DPU-1800-D performance.

I have not tried the Green Heron RT-20. I did initially try a TailTwister
and it was painful to listen to the pitiful little TailTwister even attempt
to turn my 85 foot tubular tower and 70 foot boom length 11 element yagi (I
like TailTwisters but this tower and antenna ensemble was too much for a

Good luck and 73, Ted, K6XN  

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Anyone have any experience with the Green Heron RT-20 or the CATS DPU-1800-D
digital rotator controllers? How do they compare to the HyGain unit?


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