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For line of site and terrain considerations, I would look at HFTA available
from ARRL in the latest antenna book.  There are also some line-of-sight
calculations that would be a good fit to what you want to accomplish.


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Hello List.

Seems I am back on the towers after years of being a flatlander, and
have some questions for the list members. I am often working at a site
with more than one tower, and not sure in which direction other rf
sources may be pointed.

Is there a device that I can wear (and not be in my way) which will
alert me of rf dangers?

I am also interested in finding the software that will give me a side
view along the line of sight. That is given the coordinates of two
towers, and the height of the antenna on each, a graphic that will show
ground clearance along the signal path. Would be helpful in deciding how
high each dish should be.

Sorry if these are newbie questions.. I have not climbed in years, and
RF engineering has some areas of consideration unfamiliar to me.

Best regards,


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