[TowerTalk] Sources needed

Peter Dougherty w2irt at comcast.net
Tue Jul 25 23:57:00 EDT 2006

Hi guys,

Am looking for sources of the following items and frankly have no 
idea where to find them in consumer-quantities (or at all):

* Mix-31 torroids and snap-ons (assorted sizes). Fair-rite's 
distributors for the region are interested in corporate sales, not 
homeowner/ham quantities.

* Cadweld one-shot supplies (does RFC still deal with Cadweld?) 
Anybody know where to get an ignitor for less than $150 or to rent 
one? Will need to do about 10 connections, tops, and will probably 
never need it again. If in NJ/NYC metro area, will trade steaks, 
liquid refreshment and cameraderie for an afternoon loan of said 
ignitor and a helping hand for a newbie Cadwelder <grin>.

* Pressure-lubricant for crank-up tower cable -- Is PreLube 6 still 
the lube of choice? I think I recall that Champion Radio products is 
the vendor but I could be mistaken.

* Hoffman exterior box, to replace the cracked control box on my LM-470 tower.

* One of my LM-470 tower control relays is burned out - any ideas on 
part numbers without disassembling this for the moment?

Also, what's a fair price today for 2" copper strapping, in 50 or 100' rolls?

Also, anybody have a thought or two on my radial question I posted a 
couple of days ago (needing to erect an inverted-L and SteppIR BiggIR 
vertical, each requiring radials - how to configure these and tie in 
to lightning ground, etc)?

Thanks in advance!



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