[TowerTalk] Phillystran for Wire Dipoles in Trees?

bob finger finger at goeaston.net
Thu Jun 1 07:08:02 EDT 2006

Jim:  Phyllistran will abrade very easily.  Even used as a tower guy you 
should keep it away from tree limbs etc.  Good quality rope will do the 
trick nicely. 

The best way I know  is to run a catenary line between two trees with 
enough slack to handle the sway from the trees and have a good pulley in 
the middle of the cat line.  Pull up the antenna using the mid pulley 
and good rope.  Very little problem that way.  I have a cat line of 5/16 
Dacron rope running from tower top to a 110 foot Tulip Poplar.  I have 
two pulleys on that line; one for a delta loop and one for a 160 
Carolina Windom.  They hardly move in a stiff wind. 

I have the vertical end of the cat line coming down the tree tied to a 
big log chunk....weighs about 100 pounds.  It does move an inch or two 
once in a while...but no rope breakage yet and on 4th year up..  Rope 
goes over a high limb without a pulley etc.  Hope this helps.  73 bob de 

Jim Brown wrote:

>We've had several threads on this topic, and none of the options 
>seemed ideal or conclusively good.  

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