[TowerTalk] Liberal Arts Question - More Info about Dipole Antenna

Keith Dutson kdutson at sbcglobal.net
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If you are looking for values for your antenna, only use the transmission
line to connect the analyzer.  Adding other components distorts the true
antenna values.  Even a very long transmission line distorts (lowers) true
VSWR.  Looking at this another way, if you are satisfied with true antenna
resonance and VSWR, then your rig and other components should be happy too.
If not, there is likely a setting that is incorrect (or a malfunction) in
one or more of the components.

73, Keith NM5G

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As per my previous post.....on my Inverted Vee Dipole.....
  I borrowed a MFJ 259 (Plain Model) and measured the antenna from the Shack
  Resonate Freq = 7030 or so
  SWR is 1.5:1
  Resistance is about 28 ohms
  When I install the antenna  through through the BW Switch, PalStar Tuner
(Direct), the SWR Bridge, the AL80A and to the end of the coax going into
the PROII... I get the following reading.
  Resonate Freq = 6.968
  SWR 1.6:1
  Resistance is about 45 ohms.
  HMMMM.....so what can you swamis - gurus - experts - science types tell me
about that.  Obviously, I am adding coax and a whole lot of other junk in
line.  It looks like the antenna is plenty long....and it never makes 50
ohms....nor does it make 70 ohms as some have suggested.
  Lee Buller - K0WA
  "They did not have antenna theory in my Liberal Arts Major"

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