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I agree.  I built a St. Louis vertical for a club picnic a few years ago.
Even with eight tuned radials we couldn't hear a thing.  The band wasn't all
that active at the time but it was so quiet we wondered if something was
wrong with the little QRP rig we were using.  We tossed a horizontal wire
dipole over a low tree and out popped the signals.  The band still wasn't
great, but at least we worked a few people.  With that vertical we literally
could not hear a single station.

73 - JC, k0hps at amsat.org

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     You are likely to be disappointed with these ground-mounted verticals
for FD contesting for the following reasons:

1.   FD is a domestic US (i.e., non-DX) contest for which a low dipole would
work better than a vertical on 80, 40 and possibly 30M.

2.  A short, loaded vertical will not be as efficient and effective as a
full-size 1/4WL radiator.

3.  I'm presuming you're going to ground-mount these verticals over a
minimal ground field, resulting in even lower efficiency.

     If you want to construct something with PVC, let me suggest either a
single-pole support, 30 feet tall, for two inverted V's for 80 and 40, or
two guyed poles 30 feet tall to support spider-web dipoles (one common coax
feedline) for all three bands.  Check out this site on NVIS antennas for
ideas: http://www.w0ipl.com/ECom/NVIS/nvis.htm .  A Google or Yahoo! search
will yield even more sources and info.

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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> Hi All
> Some years back, there was an article, I believe in QST, about some
> antennas wound on 2 pieces of pvc pipe.  They were for 40, 30 and 20.  The
> bottom section was wound for 30/40 and you changed the top section to
> from 30 to 40.  There were 2 sections that were wound for 20.  This was
> built on a pvc pipe frame.  Can anyone steer me to that article?  I'd like
> to make some for field day this year. Where our club picked to go (why
> never know) there are few if any trees for antennas.
> If someone could scan it for me I'd sure appreciate it as I don't have
> QST's around any more.  Thanks and 73
> Tom W7WHY
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