[TowerTalk] Helically wound verticals

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mts.net
Sun Jun 4 20:23:49 EDT 2006

> 2.  A short, loaded vertical will not be as efficient and effective as a
full-size 1/4WL radiator.

Jerry Sevick may wish to disagree...

Actually, he showed in the 1960s that short, loaded verticals are so close
in efficiency to full 1/4-wl verticals as to be imperceptible. He built a
six-foot 40-meter vertical that performed so closely to his full-size he
didn't think the full size was worth the effort. (And this was waaaay before
NEC modelling was even a gleam in a computer geek's eye.)

Of course, Sevick put his verticals over the classic 120-radial ground

Verticals can be very good antennas: they just need lots of ground screen,
or be oriented as vertical dipoles. Of course, the better a vertical gets,
the worse it gets for Field Day...

73, kelly

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