[TowerTalk] Helically wound verticals

David J. Ring, Jr. n1ea at arrl.net
Mon Jun 5 18:10:01 EDT 2006

I've used a two horizontal beam (wire) for 40 meters headed NW - we chose 
the angle to put the European short-wave broadcast signals on the side of 
the antenna.

The first idea was to target the places in the USA that are furthest from 
New England.  This actually worked very well but we thought we could do 
better by aiming the antenna so that the back of the antenna was towards 
Europe and the front lobe was towards Texas and Southern California.

I think the second antenna worked better for these reasons:

We were stronger to the near-by stations -  thus we had a clear frequency 
(most of the time).

There are more people in the SW direction - both during the day and at 

We had tried a vertical one time - and had a dipole in the trees - but 
except for the west coast, the dipole worked as good most of the time.

Hope you have fun either way,

David N1EA 

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